I ordered these BioSoul compression socks since I have heard so much buzz about them from fellow runners and on podcasts so I was skeptical at first. After trying them on after leg day, I wore them overnight to see the effects. As I woke up the next morning I immediately felt the difference in my legs, they were not as sore as they usually are after a tough leg workout nor did my legs feel fatigued. They felt so good that I kept them on for the rest of the day! I recommend to anyone who is an avid runner, on their feet all day or even those suffering from poor circulation to invest in a pair of BioSoul compression socks. I will be a repeat customer. Thanks BioSoul!
— Dave S. (Chicago,IL)
I absolutely love my BioSoul compression socks! I decided to purchase my first pair for workout recovery and help with muscle soreness. They are comfortable and easy to put on. After wearing them around the house for a few hours, I noticed my legs feel refreshed and my muscle soreness was resolved. I highly recommend BioSoul compression socks and will be a repeat customer.
— Wendy S. (Homewood, IL)
Received my Bio Soul socks after I had completed a Spartan Sprint race and I found that wearing these have sped up the recovery to my sore calf muscles. I went running the other night and the support and cushioning really prevented pain from my plantar fasciitis during and afterward. Definitely recommending to all my friends.
I have completed over 25 marathons and 2 Ironman Triathlons. Biosoul Compression socks are the best compression sock I’ve worn. They are snug, but not suffocating. They are durable and stylish. I’ve worn them while training and for recovery after a long workout. I would HIGHLY recommend them to any and all levels of athletes.
I absolutely love my compression socks! They are so comfortable and also very stylish! I will definitely order again!
I really like these socks! They keep my lower legs really warm while on chilly and damp running days. They are great to wear during yoga classes when in cool venues as well. I have to adjust the foot section a bit after pulling them on but they feel like regular socks in my shoes. They hold up well for machine washing too!




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