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Our Story

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Our story

"Seeing people suffer through pain and disease inspires me to educate others so they can take the right steps to live a better life. My great passion is communicating healthy habits earlier in order to create a more positive destiny for future generations. If we each take a small step to better care for ourselves, our combined efforts can inspire similar action in others. We can create a culture in which self-care is a tool for disease prevention, personal empowerment, and lifelong resilience. Self-care goes beyond just improving your health—it can empower our entire community."

Christie has experienced swelling of the ankles and feet along with burning and cramping sensations in the calf area due to prolonged periods of sitting as well as an occasional lengthy airplane flight. As Christie starts to train for her first 5K, she is relying on compression socks to help her during training as well as recovery post run. Christie found a solution and answer to her struggles without having to turn to medicine and doctor’s visits. She has found that compression wear can help just about anyone improve their performance and reduce recovery times.

Christie Petersen is the founder and owner of BioSoul LLC, a compression wear company that empowers individuals to overcome their limits through recovery and performance. Christie believes that compression socks are the answer to relieving symptoms of tired, achy and swollen legs, increase performance and reduce recovery times.   

In addition to devoting her time to BioSoul, she is looking for the best sushi restaurant in Chicago. She also enjoys running with her Australian Cattle dog, Logan, reading health articles and sitting by the lake.


BioSoul will be the leading supplier of compression wear that aids individuals globally in everyday health and wellness needs.


To provide the highest quality compression body wear to individuals around the world so you can perform better and recover faster by using the power of graduated compression technology.